Modern Wallpaper

Decorating with wallpaper is making a big come back. The variety of designs available permits any kind of indulgence, and allows us to use it with any style we want. It does not matter what you like, sophisticated damask, wild stylized flowers, or more subtle motifs, modern wallpaper choices are endless. Whether you are dressing a whole room, or just one wall, or even a small section of a wall this year's new generation of wallpapers will be welcome in any home.

New innovations

Do you think that wallpaper is reminiscent of your grand-parents' old house? Well think again. The world of wallpaper has been literally re-invented in the last few years. New technologies and new esthetics have revolutionized the industry. Technically, the materials that are used today have greatly improved the wallpapering process. On the esthetic side, creative designers have expressed themselves, and come up with new ways to use panels, or horizontal designs to facilitate originality in your home decorating endeavors. Colors are now used to play up or to play down areas, by associating motifs to colors. We are now totally free to do whatever we want with wallpaper in a modern home.

Diversity of design

The color palette and the designs have promoted wallpaper to a wall-dressing material suitable for every taste and style. Use contrast of black and white for striking effect, or vibrant colors like the new trendy turquoise, be a minimalist or a fantasist, all is permissible and possible.

Where to use it?

Since wallpaper was invented in China, two thousand years ago, it has continuously evolved, and manufacturers have created papers for specific usage or room. Therefore you can find a wall covering for any room you choose, even the bathroom. Depending on where you plan to use it, you should choose qualities that are appropriate. In bedrooms and living rooms any type of paper is acceptable. However, in rooms exposed to vapor from hot water, like bathrooms, or splashing from grease, like kitchens, you should opt for an easy care material. For entrances and hallways you should select a very washable material.


With today's wall coverings, made to simplify the task, wallpapering is easy to do. It is simply a matter of applying some adhesive on a wall with a roller, and to place the wallpaper on it, starting at the top and rolling it down, without cutting it prior to the installation. Smooth the area with a brush to remove trapped air bubbles, and cut at the base of the wall with a cutter.

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